Martin UAV’s tail sitting VTOL Fixed Wing UAV, the V-Bat, demonstrated the ability to precisely, repeatedly land autonomously in an area less than 8 ft x 8 ft from a hover several hundred feet above the intended landing spot.  Then V-Bat demonstrated the same capability while landing on the back of a 2.5 ton truck as it drove along the road.

Martin UAV’s CEO, Ruben Martin commented “The idea of landing a Group II+ Drone on something as small as the back of  a moving 2.5 ton truck used to be a pipe dream… today, the Marine Corps has demonstrated the power and speed of American small business unleashed”…

The precision landing demonstration was part of a series of tests conducted at Yuma Proving Grounds in support of a development contract between Martin UAV and the Naval Air Systems Command.

Martin UAV LLC’s V-Bat with Planck Aero Systems Optical la Yuma Proving Grounds