How does your military experience affect your current role?

Working with government agencies, to include the military branches, I am able to understand processes and their culture due to my own military experience in the Marine Corps. Having deployed several times during my Marine Corps career helps me understand the requirements and the environment our UAV operators will be exposed to when deploying for our COCO operations.

Which military skills have proven most valuable for your career?

Incorporating as many of the Marine Corps 14 leadership principles into every day work and interactions with people as possible. Being able to react on a moment’s notice helps in a fast paced, high stress environment as well.

What tip would give those seeking employment at Martin UAV?

Everything you learn in the military is transferable into the real world but being able to translate it is the key. Make sure you talk to veterans and use military resources to help you identify how best to utilize the military skills you learned and how to communicate their effectiveness in real world environment.