Martin UAV V-BAT Sets Record Over 9 Hours of Endurance

March 1, 2018



Martin UAV LLC’s V-BAT tail sitting VTOL Fixed Wing UAV sets second record with more than 9 hours of endurance on February 13 from Yuma Proving Grounds.


( — February 28, 2018) Plano, Texas — Martin UAV’s tail sitting VTOL Fixed Wing UAV, launch early on February 13 from a Yuma Proving Grounds test range on a flight test intended to confirm its previous 8 hour endurance flight. V-Bat #7 landed 9.1 hours later, beating its previous record by an hour. It landed with more than 1 hour and 20 minutes of fuel remaining, demonstrating again its ability to exceed the V-BAT’s published endurance of 8 hours. Ruben Martin, President and CEO of Martin UAV said, “The unwavering focus of our engineering team on improving the V-Bat’s performance has taken us from initial testing of a unique concept aircraft 2 years ago to routinely exceeding expectations. This new endurance milestone coupled with our ability to operate in extremely austere locations provides the warfighter with game changing Group II/II UAV ISR possibilities.”

The endurance flight was part of a series of tests conducted at Yuma Proving Grounds in support of a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement between the U.S. Government and Martin UAV.

About Martin UAV LLC

Martin UAV is an advanced technology company that specializes in building the world’s finest unmanned aircraft and associated flight control software. With offices located in Plano, TX, Santa Clara, CA & Rohnert Park, CA, Martin UAV systems are commercially developed to fill critical operational needs in genuine, tactical & confined commercial environments with a near-zero footprint. Martin’s V-BAT series aircraft, for example, is the only single-engine ducted fan VTOL that has the ability to take off and land from a hover, fly 8+ hours in horizontal flight, and make mid-flight transitions to “hover & stare” at any time throughout a given mission set. For more information, visit our website at

About Martin UAV

At Martin UAV, our mission is to build the world’s most advanced unmanned systems.  Our technology team specializes in building tactical systems from the ground up, addressing the vast capability gaps left by legacy technologies and current government programs of record around the world.  With decades of research and development, our platforms offer cutting edge applications and engineering feats unmatched in the government or commercial sectors of today.

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