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The Martin V-BAT is the first aircraft of its size and capability. At the 2016 UNITAS, V-BAT successfully demonstrated the ability to take off vertically, the transition to wing-borne flight, and land from a hover.  Additionally, the V-Bat is capable of hovering over select locations along a pre-programmed flight path before returning vertically to land or sea landing locations, in highly confined areas.  As a result, with a near-zero footprint, V-BAT is ideally suited for maritime operations without disrupting manned aircraft flight, on or below deck.  Also, unique in the UAS marketplace, V-BAT does not require the assistance of launch or recovery equipment.

  • V-BAT makes the transition from vertical to horizontal flight near Panama City, Panama in support of UNITAS 2016
  • V-BAT Tracking a target at sea
  • Successful hand-off of V-BAT controls to a partner nation naval vessel
  • V-BAT recovers in a jungle clearing

About Martin UAV LLC

Martin UAV is an advanced technology company that specializes in building the world’s finest unmanned aircraft and associated flight control software. With offices located in Plano, TX, Santa Clara, CA & Rohnert Park, CA, Martin UAV systems are commercially developed to fill critical operational needs in genuine, tactical & confined commercial environments with a near-zero footprint. Martin’s V-BAT series aircraft, for example, is the only single-engine ducted fan VTOL that has the ability to take off and land from a hover, fly 8+ hours in horizontal flight, and make mid-flight transitions to “hover & stare” at any time throughout a given mission set.

Martin UAV