V-BAT Demonstrates More Than 8 Hours of Endurance

February 3, 2018



Martin UAV’s V-BAT, a tail sitting VTOL fixed wing UAV, launched last Friday morning on a routine flight test and landed 8.1 hours later.
Martin UAV V-Bat


(Newswire.net — February 2, 2018) Plano, Texas — The Martin UAV “V-BAT”, a breakthrough tactical, tail-sitting VTOL fixed wing drone with multi-mission capability, launched early Friday morning on a routine flight test and landed 8.1 hours later with more than an hour’s fuel remaining in the gas tank – conclusively demonstrating its ability to exceed the currently published endurance of 8 hours.  Phil Jones, Martin COO & former RAF Tornado & MQ-9 Reaper pilot commented, “This marks another major milestone on the road to providing the warfighter with a multi-mission, long endurance, tactical, and truly expeditionary ISR platform that doesn’t require the burdensome launch and recovery systems of others in this class. A true VTOL (not a hybrid), V-BAT is capable of mid-flight transitions and is fully FARP-capable, making it wholly unique in the global marketplace today”.

MartinUAV V-Bat


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