V-BAT UAV Uses & Applications

Innovative Design and Advanced Technology Make V-BAT an Ideal UAS for Firefighting

As wildfires continue to threaten the lives of civilians, firefighters and wildlife around the world, new and innovative technology solutions are sought to aid in response, control and suppression.

Equipping fire officials with powerful technologies and complementary capabilities to existing resources is key for successfully controlling, and ultimately defeating wild fires.

V-BAT’s quick assembly (<20 mins) combined with an ability to vertically take-off and land from nearly any location, at close proximity to the fire is critical in facilitating rapid deployment and improving response time for firefighters.

Advanced camera payloads allow V-BAT to “see” at nighttime and smoke obscured daylight periods which pose highly dangerous environments for firefighters. The information captured and relayed (real-time) to command centers on the ground, helps bridge time gaps when manned aircrafts are grounded and aerial firefighters are prevented from flying.

Uses & Applications:

  • Long endurance: large surface area coverage, continuous surveillance, mapping and damage assessment
  • Communications relay: transmitting messages from ground stations to firefighters in the fire zone
  • Sensors: hot spot identification and damage assessment
  • Night-vision for real-time data on fire burn and spread for suppression efforts and control fire at daybreak
  • Situational awareness: information about the extent of the fire and damage caused.
  • Reach difficult places: tight spaces while replacing humans
  • Search and Rescue: scanning, identifying and locating people trapped or in distress.

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