UAV V-BAT Oil & Gas

V-BAT Commercial Uses & Applications

The Design and Tech Make Our UAV V-BAT Unmatched UAS for Oil & Gas Operations

UAV V-BAT Oil & Gas: With ever-increasing competition, fluctuating prices and environmental uncertainty, oil and gas companies are now, more than ever, searching for innovative solutions to help reduce costs, improve efficiencies and ensure the safety and health of their employees.

The V-BAT’s design and technological capabilities, make it an unmatched Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) for oil & gas activities. Interchangeable payloads and sophisticated sensors enable V-BAT to perform a wide range of roles across multiple applications, including oil and gas exploration, pipeline monitoring and inspection, and oil and gas operations.

Task automation, real-time actionable data and information, and quick response times set the V-BAT apart from traditional methods being used today. Such capabilities make for informed and prepared teams, drive significant reduction in downtimes and shut downs, decrease costs across the organization and increase the safety of workers and employees.

Oil & Gas Exploration

  • Data collection and calculation: geological & seismic in onshore & offshore sites
  • Inspection: information gathering and logistics planning

Oil & Gas Pipelines

  • Inspection: leak/spill detection, environmental degradation, access to difficult terrain
  • Monitoring: external threats, theft, sabotage, natural hazards, seismic activity
  • Detection: preferred direction for evacuation, seismic activity

Oil & Gas Operations

  • Inspection: vertical structures, flare stacks, and confined spaces
  • Detection: minimize shutdowns and risks, reduced danger to people
  • Response: situational awareness of first responders, assist in evacuations, search & rescue operations
  • Maintenance: continuous, complex tasks, process data, data-driven decisions

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