The V-BAT – a safe, simple and reliable solution for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions in any application.


The Martin UAV V-BAT is a mature, proven, TRL-9 system, on both land and sea, deployed operationally today. The VBAT excels on the battlefield as well as the sea and has quickly become a recognized leader in Group 2-3 UASs. Martin UAV leverages its extensive experience and capabilities to develop and supply unique, custom-made solutions for the demanding challenges of its worldwide military customers.


If operational flexibility, ease of use and low cost per flight hour are some essential requirements then the V-BAT is right for you. Whether it’s surveying electric power lines, right of way monitoring, checking on remote infrastructure such as oil and gas facilities, conducting line and land searches for construction projects, or managing agricultural areas and soil erosion, the V-BAT can meet the task. The V-BAT’s unique ability to quickly set up and operate from remote locations from the back of a small minivan or pick-up truck offers you the greatest value and highest mobility of any Group 2-3 UAS on the market.

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Government/Law Enforcement

The V-BAT’s unique VTOL capability combined with long endurance winged flight places itself squarely in the middle of the special challenges faced by Border Patrol, Homeland Security, First Responders and Law Enforcement. Whether it’s ensuring the security of national treasures, special use sensitive Government areas, responding to fast-developing emergency situations, or critical asset protection such as hydro-electric and nuclear power facilities, the V-BAT is ideally suited to meet and exceed every critical situation.

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