How does your military experience affect your current role?

Being in this role allows me the opportunity to not only help transitioning soldiers to the civilian place of business but also to educate other HR Professionals on the importance of how and why they should hire Military Veterans. This positions also allows me to leverage a network with local VA office reps and TAPS offices through the US in employing veterans. One of the biggest challenges with transitioning soldiers is being able to translate their military skills into civilian terms, experiences gained throughout their military career such as leadership, multi-tasking, adapting/overcoming, communication, attention to detail and mission first frame of mind, this is where those in the HR profession can assist with creating a resume that will make them marketable in the civilian workforce.

Which military skills have proven most valuable for your career?

Coming from a military background you bring that culture to the civilian environment. I believe that all soldiers and veterans have valuable skillsets such as natural leadership, great decision making, strong ethics integrity and self-discipline.

What tip would give those seeking employment at Martin UAV?

If you want to make a difference and make a major contribution, then Martin UAV would be the place to be. This fast pace company allows each employee to wear multiple hate and make innovative and significate contributions. I would have candidates share and showcase their background, culture, values and vision and share innovative ideas.