How does your military experience affect your current role?

My time in the military taught me the value of mission-focused objectives, teamwork, and combined sacrifice.

Which military skills have proven most valuable for your career?

Many skills learned in the military transfer directly to value in the workplace. Training, planning, execution are only successful with a clearly defined objective, a careful understanding of human assets, and the humility to know and respect your limits. It also taught me to respect the enemy, no matter how relentless my drive was to defeat them. Building the right team is a force multiplier and knowing that your team is committed to win translates to victory in the workplace in the same way it does on the battlefield.

What tip would give those seeking employment at Martin UAV?

I would ask those seeking employment at Martin UAV to think bigger than their comp plan. We may not have the resources of the big primes, but working at Martin UAV is wholly unique in the defense and aerospace sector.

We are pioneers and working here requires embracing that mindset along with the reality that everybody is worth more than a W2, even if it doesn’t feel that way all the time. Our company was built on the ideology that systems can be designed and purpose-built for our soldiers, sailors, and Marines who require an advantage over the enemy that comes from the operators, not the Washington lobby.

In the world of unmanned systems, this is the exact opposite of current industry titans and exactly why we believe legacy programs of record will die in the legacy generation in which they were born. Martin UAV is the future and if you can handle the barriers of growth and all of the frustrations that come with that, then join our team on behalf of our fighting men and women.

I believe you will find purpose in your work here that is difficult to find anywhere else.