How does your military experience affect your current role?

Without the Navy I wouldn’t be here. The Navy trained me, deployed me and gave me the background needed to move into civilian UAV contracting. Having been deployed to Afghanistan helps to understand the lifestyle required to be an Operations Employee in the UAV field. While our job isn’t always the most difficult, it requires sacrifice in the name of the broader mission. Often, while wearing the uniform or not, we work for people whose lives are on the line. Knowing that, and having experienced that while in uniform, helps to keep us focused, helps us push a little harder for their sake.

Which military skills have proven most valuable for your career?

Aside from technical skills, like TTPs, Patience. The whole of the military understands “hurry up and wait”. As a civilian UAV operator, we can get spoiled in a lot of ways, but the “hurry up and wait” never ends.

What tip would give those seeking employment at Martin UAV?

Remember that your reputation matters. Tier 2/3 UAV operations is a small field, and everyone knows someone who knows you, so every day you’re interviewing for a job.