Chief Commercial Officer

Blake is a graduate of Texas A&M University & the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas. He is a former Marine Corps infantry officer with multiple combat tours in Western Iraq where he commanded a light armored reconnaissance platoon, a rifle platoon, and served as an advisor to the embattled Fallujah Police. Upon return from Iraq, Blake worked in support of counter-drug operations in the Western Hemisphere as part of a joint interagency international task force and as an ABDO under a US State Department program. After military and federal service, he was appointed as the statewide Director of Security and Deputy AD for Capitol operations for the Texas Department of Public Safety (State Police). Prior to his government service, Blake managed a technical support engineering and regional sales and support team for a major semiconductor equipment manufacturer, responsible for direct sales and services of plasma etch equipment in Taiwan, Thailand, Israel & Singapore.

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