Tanzania: Drone Use Approved As Anti-Poaching War Intensifies

May 20, 2016

Arusha — Tanzania has authorised the use of drones in Tarangire National Park in a hi-tech battle against poachers who threaten the country’s multi-billion dollars wildlife tourism industry.

This operation will be carried out by Bathawk Recon, a Tanzanian start-up intending to develop and deploy this technology in countries affected by poaching.

Bathawk Recon director Mike Chambers says UAVs are the surest way of the future as the cost benefit is hugely advantageous.

“We have selected the Super Bat DA-50 made by Martin UAV in the US in the six month operation that will include, a fully functioning operation, fully trained operational personal and a ranger protocol program” Mr Chambers told BusinessWeek here.

According to Mr Chambers, this kind of drone has day and night capability which will enable surveillance to be deployed any time, any place in the protection area leaving no place for poachers to hide.

“This will enable us to survey greater areas and protect larger parks and reserves. The concept will find poachers and illegal intruders and lead rangers to the location.” Mr Chambers explains.

Bathawk Recon’s plan for the Tarangire is to establish UAV anti-poaching as a viable technology and the best choice for wildlife protection aerial surveillance.

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