MartinUAV’s Tanzanian Anti-Poaching Success!

October 28, 2015

Martin UAV LLC and Aviation Unmanned LLC, out of Addison, TX successfully deployed two of its renowned fixed-wing unmanned systems in support of Bathawk Recon and the Tanzanian National Park Authority (TANAPA).

Bathawk Recon, a Tanzanian UAV Anti-Poaching surveillance company, hosted the trials, which featured the American made Martin UAV “Super Bat” from the 12th to the 16th of September. The rigorous trial evaluation and associated metrics were designed to determine if the gas-powered, long-endurance UAV could meet Bathawk’s anti-poaching concept requirements. After five rigorous days of flying, the Super Bat proved its prowess by hitting every target, something none of the competing UAV’s were able to accomplish.

The combined team, made up of Martin UAV, Aviation Unmanned, BatHawk Recon and TANAPA, put the Super Bat through its paces over five days testing sound, the effectiveness of the sensors, range, endurance and operating in support of park rangers.

The Super Bat, even while operating at the maximum altitude agreed with civil aviation, could detect people, follow them through the bush, zoom in on game and do it all in both in Video and Infra Red. Along with a highly effective sensor payload, the aircraft’s range and endurance were confirmed at an impressive 30 kilometers distance and eight hours in the air.

UAV anti poaching surveillance projects are being developed in a number of African countries such as South Africa, Namibia and Kenya. However, there is still some controversy on their effectiveness. Bathawk’s position is that UAV surveillance is certain to be the most cost effective and, in the end, will be widely used in anti poaching.

After multiple aircraft evaluations by BatHawk, the Martin UAV Super Bat has proven viable to support ongoing operations. This is a landmark achievement for Martin UAV and a testament to robust, experienced engineering and ground breaking technological advances in the medium UAV market.

Martin UAV is a private company manufacturing Unmanned Aircraft systems (UAS). Aviation Unmanned is a private company providing UAS services and training.

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