Martin UAV V-BAT gets critical benchmark at JIFX

August 16, 2016

The Martin V-BAT is the first aircraft of its size and capability to successfully demonstrate the ability to takeoff vertically, transition to wing-borne flight like a sail-plane, and land from a hover   The V-Bat is capable of hovering over select locations along a pre-programmed flight path before returning to land vertically in a concealed and confined area.  The V-BAT has achieved the critical operational benchmark of vertical take-off and landing without the assistance of any launch or recovery equipment, making it unique in the UAS marketplace today.

Pictured below is the production V-BAT gas-variant, the culmination of rapid innovation under globally-renowned aeronautical systems expert, and Martin UAV Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Stephen Morris.


MARTIN V-BAT achieves critical benchmark at JIFX
JIFX is an invitation-only annual event which took place August 9-10, 2016. The testing provides combatant commanders, as well as state, local and federal agencies an environment in which they can rapidly test, evaluate, and refine emerging technology in support of warfighters and first responders.

About Martin UAV

At Martin UAV, our mission is to build the world’s most advanced unmanned systems.  Our technology team specializes in building tactical systems from the ground up, addressing the vast capability gaps left by legacy technologies and current government programs of record around the world.  With decades of research and development, our platforms offer cutting edge applications and engineering feats unmatched in the government or commercial sectors of today.

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